Danican Cares Program

  • Publication: Paso Robles Daily News
  • Author: News Staff
  • Date: Oct. 30, 2015
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‘Danican Cares’ Program Benefits Homeless 

Danican, the U.S. division of EverRest ApS (of Denmark), introduced Danican Cares in July 2015, distributing mattress and pillow protectors, known as Danican Care Packages, to shelters in San Luis Obispo County. The protectors come in five-piece sets to provide total encasement of mattresses and pillows to provide moisture protection in addition to preventing bed bugs, dust mites, viruses and bacteria from inhabiting bedding.

Danican Cares Packages - Homeless Shelter Atascadero - Danican Private Label Bedding
Resident Services Coordinator for HASLO Traci Walker receives donations of Danican Care Packages from Thomas Frismodt, CEO of Danican. Courtesy photo.

CEO Thomas Frismodt presented 25 sets of Danican Care Packages to Traci Walker, resident services coordinator for HASLO, the San Luis Obispo non-profit housing corporation which develops affordable rental housing throughout San Luis Obispo County.

“The Danican company is such a wonderful group of people,” said Scott Smith, executive director of HASLO. “Their generous donation will be directly passed through by HASLO to our elderly and disabled residents, who I am confident will appreciate it. On their behalf we wish to thank Danican. We are fortunate to have such a community-minded business in San Luis Obispo County”

“It is an important part of our company, and my personal mission, to support people in need,” states Frismodt. “These protectors will help great organizations like HASLO to save resources and advert disastrous situations such as bed bug infestations by keeping an essential part of their services —beds and pillows— from being destroyed.”

The first donation of 50 Danican Care Packages were delivered to the El Camino Homeless Organization(ECHO) of Atascadero. ECHO is the homeless shelter serving all of SLO County.

In 2014, Danican donated over $5,000 in product to RISE in Paso Robles, which provides a variety of services to victims of domestic violence. Most of the brand new pillows and pillow and mattress protectors were product samples or prototypes.

This is the first year for the Danican Care Package Program, and the company plans to increase distribution as it grows. “We hope to expand our support of shelters throughout the Central Coast after we help the organizations in San Luis Obispo County first,” adds Frismodt.

Shelters that are classified as 501 C (3) non-profit organizations may inquire about the Danican Cares Program by contacting Kristene Thompson at: kt@danican.com.

About Danican

Danican, which is a contraction of the words Danish and American, is a Danish-based producer and designer of bed products since the year 2000. Danican distributes its advanced mattresses, pillows and protectors in more than 30 countries around the world. In 2012, Thomas Frismodt started distribution in North America from the Atascadero headquarters. Frismodt and his wife, Naomi Juul-Borre Frismodt, moved their family from Denmark to Templeton in 2011. As CEO, Frismodt is expanding the distribution of Danican’s high-quality bed products to North America.