Danican Cool Pointe Mattress Topper Review

  • Publication: The Mancave (True Reviews)
  • Author: Alexander Peterman
  • Date: Dec. 14, 2015
  • Article Link: The Mancave (True Reviews)

Cool Pointe Mattress Topper - Danican Private Label BeddingSo I have an older mattress, that starting to show it’s age, and I am feeling it’s age. I wanted to get a mattress topper to help add some padding and comfort. While searching the web I discovered Danican, a company who is newer to the U.S. market. I must tell you that I am glad I did.

When my Danican Cool Pointe Mattress Topper arrived it was in a smaller box than I expected. It had been vacuumed sealed and came in a nylon duffle bag, which was cool. I unpacked the mattress topper and placed it on my bed. It didn’t take to long for the mattress to recover from the vacuum sealing process. I could tell that Danican had produced a quality mattress topper.

I was impressed with the packing process, and the noticeable quality, but how did it feel. I’m a big guy… could I really tell a difference using a 2″ mattress topper. The answer in short is, yes. When I first laid down I could immediately tell a difference. The luxurious cooling gel memory foam was plush and amazing. It definitely added more comfort to my old mattress.

The Danican Cool Pointe Mattress Topper features a cool to the touch fabric technology that makes a different when sleeping. I hate being hot when sleeping and the cooling fabric and ventilation holes in the foam, were a nice addition to the plushness of the mattress.

The best part about the cooling effectiveness of the material, is that it is done without chemicals. Rather the cooling effect is a natural property of the outer fabric. The Cool Pointe Mattress Topper also meets safety requirements for being free from harmful substances.

I have enjoyed the comfort and cooling of the Danican Cool Pointe Mattress Topper. I am impressed with the quality, craftsmanship, and details that Danican has included in this mattress topper.

If you are looking to revitalize your current mattress or just want a extra layer of luxuriousness, then you definitely should check out Danican’s Cool Pointe Mattress Topper.