Specialty Sleep Bedding Innovations

  • Publication: Sleep Retailer
  • Author: Sleep Retailer
  • Date: Jan. 18, 2017
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Danican Memory Foam Mattresses - Sleep Retailer

The Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) will once again draw in a mix of brick-and-mortar and e-commerce retailers at the Las Vegas Market with a showroom featuring 28 different mattress, bedding and home furnishings manufacturers. As many veteran exhibitors have moved to larger spaces within the showroom to accommodate their product offerings, this year’s showroom will spotlight a wide range of mattress, accessories and component manufacturers—including Kaymed, Contour Products and Danican.

“There is always something new, unique, cutting-edge and different in our showroom,” said Tambra Jones, SSA Executive Director. “This market presents an extensive cross section of all types of innovations and technologies from various mattresses, support systems, foams, textiles, heating and cooling technologies as well as furniture, top-of-bed and foundation or under-the-bed accessories.

Kaymed is one of the new exhibitors to the SSA Showroom this year. The Ireland-based mattress and foam producer is emerging as a leader in technologies that measure and fit consumers to sleep products. As more brick-and-mortar retailers are looking to develop more compelling retail experiences to compete with digital merchants, Kaymed is making it easy for retailers to adopt its advanced technologies on their shop floors. Using patented science and modern consumer devices, the company’s diagnostic systems are accurate and effective—yet easy for retailers to adopt. The systems have proven to increase sales performance in stores across Europe and Asia. At the winter market, Kaymed will showcase one diagnostic system for mattress recommendation and another for pillow recommendation. Both systems capture the relevant consumer body characteristics to enable an accurate selection and come with sister devices to measure the characteristics of products sold with the system.

Contour Products is coming to the SSA showroom with the new Mattress Genie Incline Sleep System. An innovative leader in the consumer health, support and wellness category since 1991, the company has emerged as a worldwide distributor of solutions-based comfort and support products. With this new system, the company is offering a valuable add-on item that provides adjustable support and comfort for any mattress.

Danican will also be exhibiting in the SSA showroom, where it will feature the new 3D flo bedding program. This comprehensive new line features pillows, mattress toppers and a mattress that all feature unique encasements made with a 3D-string fabric construction. Sporting a hybrid construction of pocketed spring coils and memory foam core, the mattress option is also encased in Danican’s specialized three-dimensional 100% Tencel encasement. The 3D flo mattress toppers are a three-inch combination of top layer memory foam and a firmer bottom layer, all wrapped up in the same supple Tencel cover. In addition to allowing for maximum ventilation during sleep, this topper also delivers greater comfort for the sleeper with increased weight distribution and lowered pressure points on the body. Danican is offering two pillow models within the line, the 3D flo ELECT and 3D floTM FLEX. Both designs offer one option that caters to side sleeper and a flexible option for more flexible side, back and stomach sleepers. All of the 3D flo items are trimmed in red, white and blue webbed piping for bold appeal on the sales floor. Due to popular demand, all Danican mattresses are vacuum and roll packed for easy distribution and storage.

With such a wide array of unique bedding options on display, the energy of the SSA showroom can be electrifying, according to Jones.

“A review of our past retail attendees’ database reveals that we draw in hundreds of retail buyers ranging from the biggest mattress and bedding retail shops to the single store mom and pop boutiques and furniture stores,” she explained. “We are pleased to count hundreds of different buyers who come into our show space to see the new ideas, innovations and products offered by our SSA members who show in Las Vegas.”

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