Our Danican Cares Program provides sets of mattress and pillow protectors to qualified shelters. Each protector set, called Danican Care Packages, include two pillow encasements (one to use while the other is being laundered), and one twin sized mattress encasement and two mattress protectors (one to use while the other is being laundered.) The encasements are bed bug proof, dust mite proof and moisture proof, and protect pillows and mattresses from harmful bacteria and viruses. Dust mites and their waste make up to ten percent of the weight of a pillow after two to five years.

Our initial donation consists of 50 protector sets to ECHO, Atascadero, CA. We are producing a total of 200 sets of protectors for our first year of the Danican Cares Program. Certified 501 C (3) non-profit shelters can apply for Danican Care Packages by contacting administration at Danican at info@danican.com

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