• Danican® Cool Pointe Fitted Sheet, Queen, 80" x 60" x 15"


    The Danican® Cool PointeTM fitted sheet help you stay cool at night. The cooling feel is a result of the advanced technological Cool PointeTM fabric. The cool feeling does not diminish with washes. The fabric is extremely comfortable and stretches to allow a perfect fit.

    Here are some of the awesome benefits of this product:

    • Cool sleep surface
    • Satin-like fabric - reduces facial wrinkles
    • Fabric does not absorb moisture from face or skin, leaves hair fuller in the morning
    • Hot flash relief 
    • Easy fit - stretches to fit most mattresses up to 18 inches deep
    • Scandinavian design
    • Optimal comfort
    • Oeko-Tex® certified for a safe sleep environment
    Did you know?
    Experts agree the temperature of your sleeping environment affects how comfortable you feel and how long you will sleep. 
    When you go to sleep, your set point for body temperature - the temperature your brain is trying to achieve - goes down. 
    The Danican® Cool PointeTM fitted sheets help you reach that set point.


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