• Danican® Cool Pointe Pillow, Teneritas


    Danican® Cool PointeTM pillow, Teneritas, 28" x 16" (Queen)

    For side sleepers, people who like to hug their pillow or appreciate a high profile pillow.

    Memory foam pillow with Danican's amazing Cool PointeTM cool-to-the-touch fabric technology.

    Buildup: Memory foam micro clusters inside memory foam lining.

    Packaging: Handle bag

    "I just love my new Danican Pillow and what a difference a makes in my sleep pattern. I feel much more refreshed the morning after and do not have pillow marks on my face. Thank you Danican." Susan Lucas, Arroyo Grande, CA

    Review from The Mancave: http://mancavetruereview.blogspot.com/2015/12/danican-cool-pointe-pillow-teneritas.html

    The Cool Pointe fabric has a cooling effect for more comfortable sleep. The cooling effect is built into the fabric of the outer cover. This material is strong, lightweight, breathable and doesn’t absorb moisture — and has that amazing cool-to-the-touch feel. This is done without chemical treatment — it is a natural property of the fabric.

    This fabric is even used for parachutes, artificial ice skating rinks and hip replacements. If it’s safe for these purposes, it is surely safe to use for bedding. Danican's Cool Pointe products are CertiPur-US® and Oeko-Tex® certified, so you know they meet standards for being free of harmful substances.

    Danican’s memory foam has been pressure tested to ensure durability. High quality open cell memory foam provides additional ventilation to keep you cool. Dust mites and their waste are a major source of allergies. With memory foam, dust mites cannot survive, so this reduces allergies and bacteria


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