• Danican 3D flo™ Elect Pillow, King


    Danican 3D floTM Elect Pillow, King (32"x16"x6")

    This pillow is a classic model particularly suitable for side sleepers and those who prefer a high profile pillow. 

    With Danican 3D floTM, your sleeping position will be ergonomically correct. These pillows support you from your shoulders to your neck so that blood flows freely and effortlessly, which minimizes the risk of tension headaches. The core of AIR memory foam allows the pillow to easily recover its original shape, and it provides an open, ventilating cell structure that effectively diverts excess heat. AIR foam is a particularly comfortable memory foam that is less sensitive to temperatures than standard memory foam. These pillows are also suitable for allergy sufferers as house-dust mites cannot survive in foam. The sleep surface is our uniquely crafted, exclusive design cover made of 3-dimensional ventilated fabric, just like our 3D floTM Mattress and Topper. 


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