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Thomas & Naomi Frismodt

Naomi and I believe that good sleep makes for a happy world. And we should know since Denmark, the place of our roots, is year after year rated one of the happiest countries in the world. We enjoy helping people create beautiful, quality bedding in customized fashion. It makes us happy to share our international resources and professional experience to assist YOU in developing your own privately branded bedding programs.

How We Began

Agonizing hours spent in bed while recovering from an extended illness – that is where Christian Frismodt, my brother, made his biggest discoveries about, well, the bed. He evaluated all properties of the bed, including its firmness, softness, and durability. Pillows got scrutiny as well. He decided to shop for better bedding when well enough. Upon that shopping excursion, he soberly concluded that the finest mattresses were too overpriced for a person of average means to heal upon. His new goal, when well enough, was to design quality bedding products and make it affordable. It had to be possible...

Today these products have reached millions of customers throughout Europe.

Thomas Frismodt
Danican CEO

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Danican Cornerstones

Creative Solutions

We are not bound by conformity. We like to think outside of the box to bring our clients the ideal solutions for their needs.


Partners will find Danican to be reliable and trustworthy. We will do everything in our power to live up to our commitments, even if keeping our promises becomes financially challenging.


We are accessible and available to our partners at different times of the day and on various media. We answer quickly to any requests from our clients.

Freedom with Responsibility

Our employees are free to schedule their own work days and holiday. This freedom comes with the responsibility to be flexible and make sure to fulfill customer requirements and back up our colleagues.


We seek integrity in all our relationships. We know that mistakes can happen all around, therefore we encourage an open dialog where errors are not covered up but seen as learning opportunities for the entire organization and our clients/partners.

Why Private Label With Danican?