Private Label Bedding Questions & Answers

Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ) needed to order a Private Label product and program with Danican?
Yes, there will be MOQ’s for each product type. MOQ’ are determined based on many factors including type of product, materials needed, type of factory, etc. After our initial consultation, we will be able to provide MOQ feedback on the product(s) requested.
How much time does it take to receive my private label order?
We ask our partners to provide a 90-100 day lead time for all orders. Hence, you can anticipate your order to land [at your location] within roughly 75-90 days of the order placement date. This includes processing of the order, manufacturing, quality assurance, ocean freight time, customs clearance, and delivery to your location. We encourage an open and early dialogue regarding lead times so we can meet your timeline goals.
Does Danican have turn key products that can be Private Labeled, or do I need to design my own product?
Danican has many different designs and products in each bedding category that are market-ready. All that is needed is your logo/branding to complete the private label process. Such items may also be further customized so be sure to ask your Danican partner if you are interested.
Can Danican help us develop an entirely unique product?
Yes, we can work with you to develop a product uniquely to your specifications. Please contact us to schedule an initial consultation.
Before we place an order for products we are ordering for the first time, can we get samples of the product?
Yes. Going through sample rounds before placing your full order is a standard step in our private label process. More than one sample round can sometimes be needed as you may decide to make changes based on the samples you’ve received. We provide product samples at no cost, yet you will incur the air freight shipping cost of getting samples to you.
What is the best way to start the conversation with Danican regarding my Private Label needs?
We would love to talk with you about your private label needs. We can schedule a phone meeting or video conference to work out all the details.