Why Private Label Bedding with Danican?


Distance Your Brand from Pricing Wars

Customers can and will do price checks in a matter of seconds, which will lead to a race to the bottom where price becomes the sole parameter. We help you design unique products that are above comparison wars.


Creativity With Branding

Privately labeled bedding products enable you to design and develop products that support your brand identity and the position you have – or want – in the marketplace.


Control and Flexibility

Private branding allows you to offer greater selection of offerings, giving you a degree of marketing independence from other brands. You determine product cost and profitable pricing.


Danican Expertise Since 2004

Our sales, manufacturing, design and/or sourcing organizations are in Europe, Asia and the U.S.A. Danican has customers in five continents selling our products in more than 30 countries. Our experience has gained us a thorough understanding of available materials, technologies, and price points - as well as customer preferences all over the world.


Best Prices, Product Innovation and Quality Assurance

Danican has a very lean organization handling large volumes for our customers. This means we have a great purchase power and very low expenses, which in turn enables us to offer highly competitive prices to our customers. We are front runners in product innovation through our organizations located in all production areas. We only use factories that we know very well. We have an elaborate quality assurance program, which involves our factories, and in many cases, also third-party auditors. With us you get the right product, at the right price, at the right time and place.


We Complete, NOT Compete!

Private labeling is not something we do on the side while keeping the best components and newest technologies for our own branded products. We do not sell direct to end consumers. In other words, we do not compete with our customers! Our sole dedication is your success.

We Make Private Label Bedding Accessible