Welcome to Danican!

How It Began

With its origins in Aarhus, Denmark, my wife Naomi and I created the bedding company, Danican. We sought to broaden the accessibility of affordable luxury bedding products. Hence, we adventurously moved our family – and our Danican headquarters – from Denmark to California in 2012.

We began supplying top quality bedding products under the Danican label in 2013. Today we are proud to have our products in 30 countries around the world! And the evolution continues as we shifted our focus toward private label in 2019.

The name Danican signifies a blending of our Danish/American heritage. My wife and I are both from Denmark, but Naomi was raised in the States. We are a mix of both cultures and enjoy helping people all over the world create beautiful, quality bedding in customized fashion. It makes us happy to share our international resources and professional experience to assist YOU in developing your own privately branded bedding programs.

Thomas Frismodt
Danican CEO

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